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What is Product-Linked Learning?

Pearson has designed a variety of learning opportunities around its vast range of educational products. Each course aligns closely with a particular product and offers an in-depth learning experience, combining both practical and theoretical elements.

What are the types of courses on offer?

For educators using Pearson products for F-12 education, we offer three types of courses: Public Workshops and Private Workshops.

These courses are designed for current users, or recent adopters, of a specific Pearson product. They focus on how to implement the product effectively in the learning environment. We offer some courses at both an introductory level for a comprehensive overview of how to implement the product, and an intermediate level for advanced and ongoing use of the product.

All presenters are highly-experienced educational experts, with extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the specific Pearson product.

Public Workshops

Participants will take part in a full-day of face-to-face instruction at a central location. These sessions ensure that everyone has an opportunity to interact and engage with the materials and activities. These courses are an excellent opportunity to network with other educators in the region who are also using the product.

Private Workshops

A personalised learning experience for an individual school, the private workshop is designed to delve deeply into the practical use of the Pearson product within the individual school environment.



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