“Essential skills for today” is an exciting, completely virtual, professional learning series brought to you in collaboration between Healthstrong and Pearson. Designed for Allied Health professionals working in Aged Care, the series will provide a variety of opportunities to deepen your Clinical practice and broaden your Professional skills.

Each event in the series has been designed with practical, development opportunities in mind to bring industry experts closer to you.


Supporting Independent Living is the first event in the “Essential Skills for Today” series. This event will focus on practical ways to support patients in maintaining their independence while simultaneously developing your problem solving and critical thinking ability. At this event, we’ll share valuable insights and strategies from industry experts. And we’ll workshop tools designed to help you apply holistic care to older adults 


What will be covered? 

Building your Clinical Skill 

At Leef, we dedicate all we do to reverse the way people feel about their independence - from that of worry and concern, to hope and optimism. Our goal, with every customer, is to ensure they experience more, live better and feel a sense of worth and dignity - with every day on earth resulting in happiness, health, strength and most of all, freedom

Cathie Lindholm from Leef will explore how developing your analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving skills will support individuals experiencing functional decline to maintain their autonomy and independence - thereby getting the most out of every day.

We will use case studies to highlight and explore various strategies that can be used to provide a holistic, empathetic approach to goal setting with patients, enabling you to employ modifications that are retained and best mitigate risk.



  • Develop your understanding and approach to supporting patients in maintaining their independence
  • Collaborate on solutions to patient problem statements
  • Learn strategies that will support effective and retained goals for patients
  • Broaden your awareness of the diversity of practical product solutions that enhance function, confidence and "quality of life" - however an individual defines that


Building your Professional Skill: 

Critical Thinking helps an individual to overcome their own subconscious biases to separate facts from opinions. Developing proficiency in your Critical Thinking ability can support better independent decision making in practice, and enhanced objectivity in all Clinical environments.   

Nicolien Timmer is the principal consultant and coach at Brainco. This session will explore your critical thinking ability, how to develop this skill, and how to apply it to the context of your work. Every attendee will receive a Watson Glaser III critical thinking assessment and their own development report, designed to aid their problem-solving ability and professional development. 



  • Learn how developing and applying Critical Thinking to your practice will improve patient outcomes
  • Challenge your assumptions 
  • Develop this fundamental "future skill" and learn strategies that will improve your evidence-based decision making


Industry Innovation Update:  

Delivered by Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA), this session will explore emerging trends and innovation within the aged care industry.