Join Nicolien and Dr Zwi Segal, a professor of Industrial/Organisational psychology, co-founder of Motiva and best-selling author as they uncover your test results and show how our database of jobs can educate young people about the jobs that exist in the world so they can make informed choices about the career path they pursue.


Motiva : The career guidance tool of the future

How can we be sure we’re in the right job? How can we equip ourselves with the right skills for our careers in the future?

Which Career for Me (WCFM) is a breakthrough assessment and mapping solution that brings together motivational research to answer these questions. By aligning a person's values and motivations to a live database of jobs, WCFM will make you rethink career planning and the future of work.

  1. Understand the key basics of career planning
  2. Discover what they are interested in and what motivate them at work
  3. Understand the labour market
  4. Explore types of jobs and industries
  5. Validate a career project
  6. Find the right academic programs and training