This accreditation is designed to support and upskill professionals working in the allied health area. Our two-step training ensures relevance to your practice, by providing a foundation in statistics and psychometrics, and complementing this with further administration and interpretation training in assessments that are relevant to Allied Health professionals.


At this workshop, you’ll learn:  

  • the key facets of administration, scoring, interpretation and reporting using various assessment tools

  • fundamental principles of statistics and their relevance to psychometric assessment
  • how to put your knowledge into practice by using popular User Level B assessments

Attendees may be required to undertake an assessment upon completion of the accreditation to achieve a User Level B.


Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be accredited to use all our gold-standard User Level B assessments and will have three months of free digital access to the following test manuals and stimulus books; 

  • Vineland-3 
  • PPVT-5 
  • WRAT5 
  • EVT-3 
  • Sensory Profile 
  • MABC-2 
  • BOT-2 

Unit One – Introduction to statistical concepts  

This unit is delivered live online across two half days, totalling roughly 5-6 hours of content and will be completed before attending "Unit Two". In this session, we will be covering a range of concepts that underpin all of Pearson's Standardised Assessments: 

  • Introduction  
  • Normal distribution 
  • Understanding scores by sample and population 
  • Interpretation of scores
  • Validity and Reliability

Unit Two – Assessments in Context

This unit is hosted live online via Zoom and may include post-workshop quizzes. We will focus on contextualising the administration and interpretation of adaptive behaviour assessments, focussing specifically on the Vineland 3 and ABAS. Participants will also have access to our on-demand Vineland 3 administration and interpretation modules for further review upon completion of the course.

  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales - Third Edition (Vineland-3)*,  
  • Adaptive Behavior Assessment System - Third Edition (ABAS-3) 

*You will also have access to our on-demand Vineland-3 modules, designed to assist in your preparation to administer, score and interpret the assessment. 

**If you are interested in using our User Level B Assessments in an educational context we would recommend our ABLE Accreditation


Target Audience

This course is designed for Allied Health professionals who require User Level B assessments to support their role. Examples may include;

  • Social workers 
  • Nurses
  • Early childhood professionals
  • Medical practitioners  


To access this training, all attendees must:

  • a have degree-level qualification
  • be registered with Pearson Clinical as a Test User so that they can be allocated their user level within our system.  If they are not already registered, they can do so via this link.