This two-day online workshop will dive deeper into administering, scoring, analysing results and monitoring progress using the WIAT-III. Our mastery course is limited to special educators and clinicians already at User Level B or above, who have some experience with the WIAT-III, or have attended our ABLE workshops.


Learning outcomes:

Day 1

  • Review and apply concepts associated with statistics and psychometrics in the context of the WIAT-III
  • Review ‘Response to Intervention’ and a template for the process of assessment
  • Review WIAT-III subtests and composite areas
  • Review administration guidelines
  • Practice administration of WIAT-III subtests and composite areas and understand the implications of assessing students
  • Scoring and calculating standard scores to compare student performance against others
  • Written Expression Scoring Examples

Day 2

  • WIAT-III administration practice – full composite areas
  • Steps for interpretation of WIAT-III data and how to apply results in intervention planning
  • Skills Analysis and Goal Intervention Statements
  • Using the WIAT-III to monitor progress of instruction and evidence-based intervention
  • Group evaluation of a WIAT-III case study

Price increase

**Please note that a moderate increase in workshop prices will incur as of 23rd May 2022.