Cogmed is an evidence-based cognitive training program designed to specifically improve working memory in children, adolescents and adults. For a professional who regularly deals with clients restricted by working memory deficits, Cogmed is an effective intervention and a great way to differentiate your practice.

Cogmed Coach Training and Certification is mandatory for Professionals who would like to offer Cogmed Working Memory Training to their clients.

The goal of Cogmed Coach Training is to provide participants with the skills and resources needed to support clients through the Cogmed Working Memory Training program, which consists of a minimum of 25 training sessions, between 25-50 minutes each, done over a minimum of 5 weeks (an individualised protocol will be selected to suit the user). Users who complete the program are supported by a Coach for the duration of the program.

For group bookings larger than 20 and any other inquiries please contact


 Cogmed Coach Training and Accreditation

For group bookings larger than 20 and any other inquiries please contact

Pearson Academy in association with the Cogmed Team at Pearson will be presenting Cogmed Coach Training and Accreditation near you.

If there are no courses scheduled near you, register your interest, suggest another location, and the Cogmed team will contact you with more information.

Why Become a Cogmed Coach? 

  • Make a real difference to people’s lives. Working Memory is a core cognitive competency that directly affects academic, professional and personal performance
  • Add value to your existing practice - Addressing Working Memory deficits is often the first step to successfully applying other interventions
  • New revenue stream for your practice

What is included in the price?

  • 2 Cogmed RM User IDs (1 to you to use for your own Cogmed training and familiarisation, 1 to get your Cogmed business started)
  • Training materials on the day
  • All day catering

Topics covered include:

Cogmed Coach Training - Accreditation Requirements

Once it has been confirmed you are eligible to be a Coach Coach and you have paid for the course, you will receive instructions for completing all the necessary steps

Completion of all requirements is essential for full accreditation as a Cogmed Coach.


1.         Be present for the entire day of the class and complete short, multiple-choice quiz questions after each module

2.         Submit Research/Marketing supplement within the class time

3.         Complete at least 3x35 minute Cogmed sessions (your own training as a User) before or after the class


A login is needed to access your own training. Relevant logins will be sent to you upon completion of registration.


The very first step is to REGISTER as a test user on the Pearson Clinical Assessment website to confirm your qualifications as only specific professionals may complete Cogmed Coach Accreditation Training -->

To be eligible to become a Qualified Cogmed Coach, you must be a registered test User Level C, S, B or M -  Pearson User Level

What is a User Level?

All materials supplied by Pearson Clinical Assessment are restricted. The level of restriction is displayed by the product User Level assigned to that product.

When you register with Pearson Clinical Assessment, you will be assigned an individual User Level. Your User Level is based on your profession and qualifications and is assigned to you upon submission of your registration. This dictates which assessments and interventions you can purchase.