This conference will help you as a clinician (OT, SLP, psychologist or special educator) acquire evidence-based strategies to implement social-competence interventions across a range of settings for individuals with autism.

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Strengths-based practice is something we should be striving for when working with all of our clients, but it isn't always easy. In a world where diagnoses and funding models are based on deficits, how do we flip the script?

This conference will challenge you to look at the unique traits, skills and behaviours of your autistic clients from a new lens of strength. Beyond that it will provide you strategies for getting the client and other people involved in their life to adopt a strengths-based perspective as well.

This conference is only open to clinicians (OTs, SLPs, psychologists and special educators) so that we can focus on more specific, in-depth, evidence-based strategies. A combination of presentations from local and international experts and hands-on workshops will expand your subject-matter expertise in this area and allow you to provide high quality interventions to your clients.

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Target Audience

OTs, SLPs, Psychologists and Special Educators.