How can we be sure we’re in the right job? How can we equip ourselves with the right skills for our careers in the future?

Motiva is a breakthrough assessment and mapping solution that brings together motivational research to answer these questions. By aligning a person's values and motivations to a live database of jobs, Motiva will make you rethink career planning and the future of work.

These events provide a transformational opportunity for anyone interested in the future of both career guidance an





Motiva Coach Accreditation 

Become an accredited Motiva coach and learn how to optimise your one-on-one coaching sessions with clients.  

Build on your understanding from the 'Introduction to Motiva' session by learning to administer and interpret results for clients while taking a deeper dive into the Motiva psychometric assessment ; reports, recommendations, and the science behind it.  


This training program provides a high-value insight into the very latest thinking in career coaching and is for anyone who wants to better understand the future of the career coaching industry. Over the course you will; 

  • Get your own personal access to "Motiva Back Office" 
  • Become familiar with the Motiva science that explains the results 
  • Learn how to navigate Motiva as a coach 
  • Learn how to interpret an individual's Motiva results
  • Become familiar with results-based case studies
  • Tips to more efficiently utilise Motiva in your coaching practice  


This training will cover both the Motiva Individual 2 assessment for professionals, and the Which-Career-for-Me assessment, for younger audience. 


All coaching registrations will be directed to; 

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