Identify the needs of your most struggling learners with our practical workshop ABLE - Addressing the Barriers to Learning in Education.

This two-day workshop is designed to support and upskill primary and secondary teachers, special educators and learning support staff to help assess a student’s cognitive ability, academic achievement, cognitive skills and social-emotional learning.



At this workshop, you’ll learn: 

  • the key facets of administration, scoring, interpretation and reporting using various assessment tools 

  • how to put your knowledge into practice by using our most popular user-level B assessments, while supervised by experts 

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be accredited to use our gold-standard user-level B assessments, including the WIAT-III, that will help you understand and support the needs of struggling learners. 

Day 1 – Understanding Scores in Special Education (with Professor John Munro) 

You’ll learn: 

  • Descriptive statistics 

  • Comparing sets of scores in classroom 

  • Understanding measures of spread, ordinal data, z and t scores and normative distribution 

  • Reliability and validity in psychometric assessments 

Please note that Day 1 is compulsory for any teacher or special educator at User Level T wishing to upskill to User Level B. For special educators and clinicians already at User Level B or above, Day 1 is an excellent ‘refresher’ day for understanding statistics and scores.  

Day 2 – Practical application of psychometric assessments (with Stewart D’Silva).  

While getting hands-on with the WIAT-III, you'll learn: 

  • General administration principles and practice 

  • Scoring principles and practices 

  • Basic interpretation considerations 

  • Ethical considerations 

  • WIAT-III resources for users 

Please note that day 2 is compulsory for any teacher or special educator at User Level T wishing to upskill to User Level B. For special educators and clinicians already at User Level B or above, Day 2 is an opportunity to get hands-on the WIAT-III and learn about the basic aspects of administration, scoring, and interpretation. 



To attend our ABLE workshop, you will need to register on our Pearson Clinical website

You will be required to have an approved mentor to supervise your scoring and reporting of User Level B assessments. This mentor MUST be an existing user-level B or C and have at least 6 – 12 months experience using User Level B assessments. Both you and your mentor will have to sign an agreement with Pearson Academy to acknowledge the supervision requirements and expectations. Your mentor will be responsible for acknowledging you have completed the administration of at least 10 User Level B assessments in a “trial scenario”.

Please do not hesitate to send an email to should you have any questions.

Pearson Academy reserves the right to reject any registrations that do not meet the criteria set out above.

****The Workshop will not be confirmed to go ahead until we reach minimum numbers, so please check with us before you make any travel or accommodation bookings. 

Target Audience

Recommended for:  

  • Pearson Clinical’s user level T wishing to upskill to user level B 

  • For anyone that has successfully completed our introductory and competency workshop