Planning, Teaching and Assessing to meet the cognitive verb requirements of the new syllabus:

A workshop designed to support Senior Science subject areas, Martin Hall shares his strategies and advice in approaching the new syllabus with confidence. Martin will focus on deepening your evaluation and assessment of student understanding with regard to the new QCAA syllabus expectations. Understand how to prepare your students to meet the needs of the QCE syllabus.

Also available as private session or webinar


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will 

  1. Understand the cognitive verb requirements of the new syllabus using the QCAA portal

  2. Develop an itemised plan for teaching new subtopics with a focus on developing student understanding

  3. Enhance the evaluation of student understanding of syllabus subject matter 

  4. Develop your confidence in writing exam style questions 

The session will close with a Q&A


Biography of Presenter:

Mr Martin Hall 

Currently teaching at Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast, Martin is an expert writer on the new QCE Science syllabus. Martin has worked with QCAA to develop both the Science syllabus and assessment resources to support new QCE system. As a result of this he has developed a detailed understanding of the science syllabuses, including cognitive verbs, assessment instruments, ISMGs and pedagogical approaches. Martin is a passionate, enigmatic educator who is keen to share his experiences in the classroom with other teachers.