The EAL/D Lens is structured to support the improvement of EAL/D student participation across reading, writing, speaking, and assessment. These strategies have been used effectively across all subject areas.


Designed and delivered by Secondary EAL/D specialist Allie Baker, The EAL Lens is intended to equip Secondary teachers with a toolkit of practical strategies specifically tailored to better include EAL/D learners. These strategies have been effective in lifting the participation and the understanding of EAL learners across all classroom settings in all curriculum areas.         



Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

· Feel confident that they can cater for EAL/D pupils more effectively

· Demonstrate new strategies for classroom instruction to ensure EAL/D students are focussed and understand verbal instructions

· Better audit and adapt classroom materials to ensure EAL/D pupils’ needs are considered

· Model a literate response for their EAL/D students to improve the accuracy of EAL/D students’ written responses.


About the Presenter:

Allie Baker has been teaching English, EAL and Drama in classrooms across Japan, the UK and Australia for over 15 years. She is passionate about teacher education and delivers workshops full of practical strategies that teachers can immediately implement in their own classrooms. She has presented workshops and seminars in Victorian secondary schools, online and at conferences for the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE). Her contributions have been published in both Drama Victoria and VATE publications. In her spare time, she loves to cook, travel and spend time with her family.


This workshop addresses the following AITSL Standards:

  • 1.2 Expand understanding of how students learn using research and workplace knowledge
  • 1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific needs of students across the full range of abilities
  • 2.5 Apply knowledge and understanding of effective teaching strategies to support students' literacy achievement
  • 5.1 Assess student learning
  • 5.4 Interpret student data to analyse and evaluate student understanding, identify interventions and modify teaching practice
  • 6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice

Please note: Workshops will not be confirmed to proceed until we reach minimum numbers, so please check with us before you make any travel or accommodation bookings. 


In order to get the most out of the day, participants should bring along the following;

· 1-3 teaching resources that you intend to use in your classroom in the coming weeks

· A sample of high quality student writing (may be completed by an EAL/D or mainstream pupil)

Target Audience

Secondary educators who are teaching in an environment with EAL/D students.