Jan Silcock is a retired Queensland State School Principal with 45 years’ experience as a Teacher, Deputy Principal and Principal. She has vast experience and a strong passion for Literacy, Numeracy and Social-emotional learning.

Jan was a National Partnership Principal for four years, and in that time she was involved in two major projects: Principal as a Literacy Leader (PAL) and Literacy Lessons for Logan Learners (LL4LL). The PAL Project involved principals from WA, SA, NT and QLD from low socio-economic areas, and the project demonstrated the importance of phonological awareness as a basis for all aspects of Literacy teaching. Literacy Lessons for Logan Learners, which focussed on Reading and Comprehension, won a State Showcase Award for the participating schools.

As a Principal, Jan utilised Disciplined Dialogue to develop the school’s staff around pedagogy, data collection and analysis, and conditions for learning. In the subject of Spelling, schools’ instruction was based on Words Their Way, and Jan was responsible for training staff in Spelling instruction and developing curriculum.