Rachel Atkinson has taught in all three educational sectors over the last 12 years. Her passion is early years literacy and she has been involved in a number of projects focusing on these areas.

Rachel took part in the Effective Reading Project run by Independent Schools Queensland, which included implementing DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment) and associated reading comprehension strategies into classroom situations. This lead to her consulting with Pearson Academy to develop an introductory session to DRA for Education Queensland schools.

She also work closely with the QCAA, formerly QSA Assessment Bank team, consulting, moderating and writing Assessment Bank tasks. Rachel trialled a number of these tasks for QSA, collecting student data and providing valuable feedback. She also moderated assessment tasks and has written both English and Science assessment tasks, which have been published on the QCAA website.

For the past few years, Rachel has been working on developing Oral Language programs in the early years. In conjunction with Independent Schools Queensland, she trialled the Oral Language Instructional Framework, an initiative of ISQ, designed to assess and develop student’s oral language. Collaboratively with ISQ she developed and trialled the Oral Language program and provided valuable feedback. This feedback has been used to design three Oral Language modules for the early years in Queensland.

In 2017, Rachel joined the Pearson Academy team as a presenter of professional development for Words Their Way. She has recently developed a supplementary module for Pearson Academy, focusing on Words Their Way in the early years of education.