Lena's teaching experience spans three decades, during which she has taken on a variety of roles within the private and state sectors. Lena’s classroom teaching experience ranges from Prep to Year 7 and includes working with ESL and Special Needs students. Lena has held several educational leadership roles including Key Teacher, Literacy Coordinator and Head of Early Years.

For the past 10 years, Lena has been an Educational Consultant, providing professional development in various platforms and is the Principal for her Tutoring Center. Lena and her co-authors were well rewarded with co-winning the 2012 Australian Publishers Award for their National edition maths series launched in the same year. Lena's breadth of knowledge is derived from extensive study and research into current practice, making theory relevant to the classroom context. Lena 'walks the talk' as she offers broad insight and expertise to teaching with a special blend of enthusiasm, passion and practical application.


Diploma of Education; Bachelor of Education ESL Special Needs; Train the Trainer: Functional Grammar, First Steps Maths; Early Years Literacy.

Member: ALEA Teacher's Lounge Group and the Pyramid for Early Learning Practitioners Forum TUA.


Early Years literacy research and trends; Phonological and Phonemic Awareness; Language conventions; Grammar in context; and Reading, Writing and Comprehension.